Five Club: Why you should wakeup at 5 am

Note: Thank you to everyone that is visiting this page from Jon Acuff’s blog post.


I want to tell you a quick story about how one day in December changed my life.

I’ve followed Jon for a long time. I like Jon’s message. Now I admittedly have no idea what a Jesus Juke is and I still don’t understand what these Bear Attacks on Instagram are all about. So, I’m a Acuff fan just not a uber-over-the-top-drool-when-I-see-him kind of fan.

Last December Jon sent out a tweet about getting his Nashville followers together at 5am to work and inspire each other. I’ve always felt it was important to wake up early but never  strongly enough to execute on that regularly. However, this was a challenge and I wasn’t about to be shown up by some guy and his bear attacks. Here is what went through my head:


  • Meet Jon
  • Learn what a Jesus Juke is
  • Avoid Bears (they couldnt possibly be up this early)
  • Get my butt in gear


  • its 5 am
  • its 5 am
  • that is early

Now, fast forward 6 months.

I’ve created an iOS App called “Five Club“, I’ve had breakfast with Jon, I’ve had breakfast with 8 other people I’ve never met, a meeting with the head of Dave Ramsey’s speakers borough, formed several awesome partnerships, picked up a really nice paying social media management contract, launched another web app, started Video Fruit, and am on pace to leave my day job in August.

How did all of that happen?

Simple: Hustle

I’ve woken up at 5am every day (ok, more like 85%) for the past 180 days. It has been life altering. The number of doors that have been opened and opportunities that have sprung up as a result of simply carving out un-interrupted time has been transformative.

Jon was a very large part of that. Jon gave me the kick I needed. He gave me words of encouragement and affirmation throughout the process. He allowed me to create an app that embodied what the Five Club is. If you need a kick in the butt, go download the app and join in with all of the other people working like mad to “close the gap“.

Thank you Jon.

-Bryan Harris

PS: I develop apps and create awesome videos. If you are interested in either, you can find me at all the normal places: FacebookTwitter and